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10 Best Soaps in India

There are hundreds of Soaps available in the market of all types, sizes and choices. Which one is the best among these? Our skin care expert has recommended 10 Best Soaps available in India, based on excellent ratings and reviews. You can also buy these soaps online.
1. Dove Fresh Moisture Bathing Bar, 75gmDove Fresh Moisture Bathing Bar 75gm
  • Formulated with hydrating milk, this soothing bathing bar reaches your deepest skin cells and nourishes them.
  • Locks in skin moisture giving you soft, smooth, and hydrated skin while protecting the skin's natural softness. Doesn't dry skin like soap can.
  • Enhanced with the invigorating scent of cucumber and green tea, this bathing bar offers you a rejuvenating bathing experience.
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2. Pears Pure & Gentle Soap, 125gmPears Pure Gentle Soap 125gm
  • Made with natural oils and pure glycerine. Its formulation reaches deep into the skin pores and nourishes the skin.
  • Moisturizes your skin and gives it a soft and supple feel. Retains the natural oil of your skin to not leave it dry after a bath.
  • Soft lather and mild fragrance makes this soap bar ideal for everyone.
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3. Himalaya Herbals Neem and Turmeric Soap, 125gmHimalaya Herbals Neem And Turmeric Soap 125gm
  • Herbal formulation contains oils of Neem and turmeric that improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections such as acne, boils and ulcers.
  • Protect skin from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Helps to even out your skin tone and complexion.and retain the skin's elasticity and makes it more supple.
  • Pleasant smell.
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4. Nivea Creme Soft Soap, 75gmNivea Creme Soft Soap 75gm
  • Formulation is gentle on the skin and also foams gently.
  • Now with the new Hydra IQ 24h+ moisture technology for even softer skin.
  • Contains almond oil and a mild scent gently cleanses your skin and prevents it from drying out.
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5. Ayush Natural Fairness Saffron Soap, 100gmAyush Natural Fairness Saffron Soap 100gm
  • Natural fairness soap with saffron.
  • Contains Saffron (kesar) an ayurvedic herb with great medicinal value known for its brightening and healing properties.
  • Also contains Kumkumadi tailam cures marks, lighten skin colour and improve skin's quality. Kumkumadi tailam is a unique blend of 16 herbs and oil
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6. Khadi Natural Pure & Gentle Soap, 125gmKhadi Natural Pure Gentle Soap 125gm
  • Handmade, Natural Formula with Glycerine and Essential Oils
  • Rich in Vitamin C, Lemon helps lighten your skin tone and fight age spots and wrinkles.
  • Combined with Tulsi that helps lighten dark spots, this is a perfect blend to lighten your skin's complexion.
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7. Medimix Ayurvedic Glycerine Soap, 125gmMedimix Ayurvedic Glycerine Soap 125gm
  • Ayurvedic formulation with natural glycerine.
  • Enriched with Lakshadi oil that nourishes and moisturizes your skin providing your skin natural protection.
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8. Biotique Basil And Parsley Soap, 150gmBiotique Basil And Parsley Soap 150gm
  • Formulated with traditional ayurvedic ingredients like coconut oil, basil, and parsley extracts. It is for skin that needs extra care.
  • Recommended by doctors for people with sensitive skin.
  • There are no harsh additives, dyes or hardening agents. It is hypoallergenic and clinically tested. It leaves skin clean and healthy-looking.
  • Regular use makes the body free from skin problems like ringworm, scabies and dermatitis infection.
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9. Himalaya Herbals Cucumber and Coconut Soap, 125gmHimalaya Herbals Cucumber And Coconut Soap 125gm
  • The abundant antioxidants in cucumber rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth
  • Coconut oil acts as an effective moisturizer for all skin types including dry skin.
  • Blended together with the extracts of cucumber and coconut oil, the soap tones your skin, leaving it soothed and nourished.
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10. Godrej No.1 Sandal and Turmeric, 125gmGodrej No 1 Sandal And Turmeric 125gm
  • Contains the natural ingredients Sandal and Turmeric that have traditionally been well known and trusted for skin care.
  • Infused with Natural oils, that gives you a clear skin that glows.
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