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5 Best Bodysprays for Women in India

Deodorants and Body Sprays are an essential part of women's personal care and hygiene, and you must choose the right one. Our skin care specialist and expert beautician has recommended 5 Best Bodysprays for women, from reputed brands like Nivea, Dove, Yardley etc. You can buy these body sprays online in India.
1. Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant For Women, 150mlNivea Fresh Natural Deodorant For Women 150ml
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Can be worn at any time of the day
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Fresh Natural deodorant contains ocean extracts which gives you a fresh feeling All day long.
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2. Dove Whitening Original Deodorant, 169mlDove Whitening Original Deodorant 169ml
  • Anti-perspirant deodorant.
  • Unique 1/4 moisturising cream
  • 48 hour protection and Dermatologist tested
  • Enriched with Vitamins E & F (Extracted from Sunflower Seed Oil)
  • Helps whiten, soften, and smoothen underarms
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3. Revlon Charlie Perfume Body Spray, Blue, 150mlRevlon Charlie Perfume Body Spray Blue 150ml
  • This internationally popular perfume is classified as a floral-green-woody fragrance.
  • Possesses a blend of rose, oakmoss and sandalwood
  • Accompanied by additional green notes of fresh cut grass and crisp leaves
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4. Nivea Fresh Flower Deodorant For Women, 150mlNivea Fresh Flower Deodorant For Women 150ml
  • This is a new deodorant offering from Nivea.
  • Its refreshing formula contains ocean extracts which gives you day long freshness.
  • It combines day long protection against body odour with gentle care.
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5. Yardley London Lace Satin Perfumed Deo for Women, 150mlYardley London Lace Satin Perfumed Deo For Women 150ml
  • An original feminine perfume spray from Yardley.
  • This exquisite and rare fragrance is captured in a deodorizing body spray to prevent body odour and make you feel very special all day long.
  • Lace is a feminine fragrance with notes of rose in the heart and wood and oak moss at the base.
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