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7 Best Loofah, Brush & Sponge in India

Top Loofah listed here are: Pindia Set Of 2 Pair Bath Gloves Spa Massage Body Scrubber Cleaner, Bare Essentials Oval Loofah Pad, Vega Luxury Soft Sponge Brush, Vega New Luxury Bristle Bath Brush, Divo Bath Brush, Urban Spa Exfoliating Gloves & Gubb Lux Sponge Round.
1. Pindia Set Of 2 Pair Bath Gloves Spa Massage Body Scrubber CleanerPindia Set Of 2 Pair Bath Gloves Spa Massage Body Scrubber Cleaner
  • Product Dimension: 18*13 cm :: Color: Random Color
  • Item Content: 2 Pair (4pc) Scrubbing Gloves
  • Improves skin tone. Flakes away dead skin cells
  • Creates a smooth canvases for moisturizing
  • Use with your favorite soap or shower gel
  • Unique weave design, can help you relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation
  • Great Value for those who enjoy a Smoother, Silky, Younger looking Skin
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2. Bare Essentials Oval Loofah PadBare Essentials Oval Loofah Pad
  • New improved Softer Natural Loofah
  • The natural loofah fibers gently rid your skin of dead skin cells to reveal your naturally soft skin beneath
  • You don't have to worry about the loofah getting slippery during bath as the Oval Loofah is designed with an elastic strap
  • Wet the Loofah & use with soap or Shower Gel on body
  • After use wash it clean & hang dry
  • Length- 17cm, Width at centre - 12.5cm
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3. Vega Luxury Soft Sponge BrushVega Luxury Soft Sponge Brush
  • Soft sponge for easy use and for hard to reach back spots
  • It is very soft and gentle
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4. Vega New Luxury Bristle Bath BrushVega New Luxury Bristle Bath Brush
  • Luxury bristle bath brush
  • Long handle back-brush with soft nylon bristles is an easy and simple way to wash and clean your back
  • It includes a convenient rope so that the brush could be hung on bathroom wall after use
  • A quick, nice and easy way to give your back a good exfoliating wash
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5. Divo Bath BrushDivo Bath Brush
  • For exfoliation and massage of skin
  • To be used with soap and water only
  • Rinse with clean running water after every use
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6. Urban Spa Exfoliating Gloves, 8 OunceUrban Spa Exfoliating Gloves 8 Ounce
  • Buffs away dead skin on feet
  • One size fits all
  • Sturdy long lasting material
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7. Gubb Lux Sponge Round - PebbleGubb Lux Sponge Round Pebble
  • Exfoliating regularly helps keep your skin fresh and supple
  • Natural loofah sponge provides excellent, chemical-free, manual exfoliation
  • Makes the skin feel excellent
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